About Us

BB Vintage and More has an eclectic array of items from Salt and Pepper Shakers to Fine Jewelry.  Collecting (almost anything) and enjoying a variety of collections was instilled in me by my mother.  Mom had collections (her treasures) that I used to like to look at and sometimes she actually let me touch them too.  To my mother, everything was a treasure, and sometimes it would be a collectible.  Unfortunately, my mom died way too young (68 yrs old) in 1990.  I wanted to dedicate a business to honor her, but I was building my career and moving up the ladder in Title and Escrow in Phoenix, AZ. 

My late husband’s families were collectors if not to the same extent, at least equal to my mom.  Again unfortunately my husband passed away two days before Christmas in 1999 (he was 51).  I tell everyone that my husband died and left me his parents.  This was true, as I looked after them and cared for them until they passed away both in December, my mother-in-law in 2007 and my father-in-law in 2008.

My career did go as planned and I became a Sr Vice President of a Title Insurance Agency.  But with another Real Estate downturn and an enormous amount of inventory in so many different categories, I took the leap of faith and began BB Vintage and More.  About four years ago, BB Vintage and More was born.  My daughter and I inventoried over 800 pieces of jewelry, including costume, silver, gold, and turquoise. 

I also like to make jewelry using vintage beads and pieces that come from my personal collection.  So began the process of selling and designing vintage items.

I sell and design.  My website has items being added weekly.  If you don’t see something on the site that you are looking for, just email me and I just might have it.  My goal is to make shopping easier for my customers. I love what I am doing, and want to share my love of the items with you.  Researching items and learning about them brings me joy.  A larger part of my passion is bringing you beautiful pieces at a reasonable price.  Think BB Vintage and More “For All Things Vintage”.