Hazel Atlas Champagne/Sherbet Bowl Cobalt


Hazel Atlas cobalt champagne/sherbet bowl for sale.

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Collect Depression Glass? This a Hazel Atlas cobalt champagne/sherbet bowl. This Hazel Atlas blue champagne/sherbet bowl is the Moderntone pattern. This Ritz Blue (Cobalt Blue) Sherbet Bowls have a pedestal base. The Moderntone pattern was made by Hazel Atlas from 1934-1942. Cobalt glass is harder to find, as it was made in a more limited production. Hazel Atlas Moderntone pattern was made, because of General Mills Cereal. General Mills contracted with Hazel Atlas in 1930, for the production of a line of Shirley Temple items. These items were being used by General Mills for a promotional project. General Mills canceled the project just when Hazel Atlas was at the peak of production. This left Hazel Atlas with large amounts of tanks, which were filled with Ritz Blue (Cobalt Blue). Hazel Atlas then began producing several new patterns in the Ritz Blue (Cobalt Blue). Moderntone was one of the patterns created, along with Mt. Pleasant, Newport, and Royal Lace. Moderntone Ritz Blue (Cobalt) is one of the most sought after color and pattern.

Condition: In good vintage condition. Small chip on pedestal base. Color is vibrant. A few bubbles which is consistent and occurred during glass production. The bowl has had little to no use. 

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Dimensions: 3 3/4″ X 3″

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