Hocking Glass Block Optic Pink Cup


Collect vintage Hocking Glass? Collect this vintage Hocking Glass Cup.

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Want depression glass? Add this vintage depression Block Optic Pink cup to your collection. This vintage depression Block Optic Pink cup is for sale. This vintage depression Block Optic Pink cup by Hocking Glass has a rounded plain handle. The cups were produced from 1929 – 1933 by Hocking Glass. Hocking produced 6 different variety of cups under the pattern name Block Optic Pink. The cup has a flared rim and plain round handle. As many companies were merging together during the Great Depression, many designs are similar to those that were produced by other makers of that Era. Hocking’s Block Optic Pink is very similar to the Bamboo Pink Pattern made by Liberty Works/Liberty Glass. There isn’t a lot of information to find on Liberty Works/Liberty Glass. Perhaps that is the reason that Hocking has 6 different variety of cups in Block Optic-Pink. The Block Optic pattern is created by pressing Horizontal lines and Vertical lines around the cup. This creates rows of individual blocks. It is a beautiful pattern, that will mix well with another pattern of glass from the Depression Era. These would be wonderful to add to a Pink Glass Collection. I also have saucers, please find them under the Glass category. Hocking Glass Company began producing glass in the early 1920s until 1938. They were located in Lancaster Ohio. Hocking Glass is known for producing large amounts of glass during the Depression Era. In 1937 Hocking merged with Anchor Glass and 2 other companies. After the Merger, the company was then called and produced glass as Anchor Hocking Glass Company. The Great Depression was a Worldwide Economic Depression that was from 1929 – 1939.

Condition: Excellent Vintage Condition. No Chips, cracks or nicks or repairs. Color is not faded. Bubbles and some line marks can be seen, these marks are normal and occurs during glass production. 

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Dimensions: 4 1/2″ X 3 7/8″ X 2 1/4″

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