Hocking Glass Stemmed Green Block Optic Sherbet Cup


This Hocking Glass stemmed green block optic sherbet cup is for sale.

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Do you collect depression glass? Collect this Hocking Glass stemmed green block optic sherbet cup. This Hocking Glass sherbet dish was made during the depression (1929-1933). The green optic block pattern glows in black light, or when placed on a black table cloth. They are stunning with a round top and short stem. The blocks were created with molds, one in a Horizontal ring around each glass, with another Vertical Optic Mold to create the rows of the Block Optic pattern. Hocking Glass Company made a number of different shapes and colors in the Block Optic Pattern. Hocking Glass Company created glass wares in Lancaster, Ohio from the early 1920s – 1938. The name changed around 1937 to Anchor Hocking Glass Company, when Anchor Glass and Hocking Glass merged. Please look for other Block Optic items in my shop.

Condition: In excellent vintage condition with no, chips, cracks or repairs. Color is vibrant. Small bubbles and seam lines may be seen, as this is common in glass production. I182

Shipping Weight: 6 oz

Dimensions: 3 1/2″ x 3″

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