Retro Libbey Glass Juice Carafe


Collect retro Libbey Glass? Buy this Retro Libbey Glass Juice Carafe.

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This is a vintage Libbey Glass juice carafe. Buy this retro Libbey Glass juice carafe. This retro Libbey Glass mid-century juice carafe will fit in with any décor. This carafe has rings of white, yellow, green, and blue, going around the bottom portion of the juice/water carafe. The shape of the carafe is narrow at the top, with a wide flat bottom. This mid-century juice/carafe is marked with a cursive “L”. Libbey began using this Maker’s Mark in 1955. Libbey Glass has made countless items in glass tumblers, each with different patterns. I am unable to give you the name of this pattern, as there are so many patterns, that it is difficult to find the exact pattern name. Libbey Glass was originally founded in 1818, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The Original name of the company was New England Glass. By 1888 Libbey moved to Toledo, Ohio. Toledo became known as Glass City. In 1892 the name was changed to The Libbey Glass Company. Libbey was one of the first companies to make glass light bulbs. They also made great strides, in developing larger machines, to create and produce glass in massive quantities. Libbey Glass still produces glassware today.

Condition: In Good Vintage Condition. No nicks, chips, cracks or repairs.

Markings: Cursive CAPITAL L. 

Shipping Weight: 1 lb 5 oz

Dimensions: 7 7/8″ X 4 1/2″

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