Vintage Aunt Jemima Spice Shaker Set


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Collect Black Americana? This vintage Black Americana Spice Shaker Set by F & F Mold & Die Works. These Vintage Aunt Jemima Spice Shakers have never been used. Aunt Jemima Spice Shakers include Allspice, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, and Paprika. The Quaker Oats Company makes Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix and Syrup. F & F Mold & Die Works was commissioned by The Quaker Oats Company to make the Aunt Jemima Line of items as an advertising promotion, circa 1950. Each Spice Shaker measures 4 x 1.75″ x 1.75″.

Condition: In excellent vintage condition, no nicks, chips, cracks or stains.

Markings: Aunt Jemima /F & F Mold & Die Works

Shipping Weight: 1.25 lbs

Shipping Dimensions: 7” x 7” x 6”

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