Windsor Diamond Pink Cream Soup Bowl by Jeannette Glass


Collect Jeannette Glass? Buy this Jeannette Glass Pink Soup Bowl.

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Collect Windsor Diamond Pink by Jeannette Glass? Buy this Pink Soup Bowl by Jeannette Glass. This Windsor Diamond Pink Cream Soup Bowl is in highly collectible. The stunning design of the Windsor Diamond Pink was produced from 1936 – 1946. It is still very sought after by collectors. This Cream Soup Bowl in Windsor Pink Diamond has a round top and double angular handles. Windsor Diamond pattern is also described to be in the Cube/Cubist style patterns that were made during this Era. There are rows of Vertical and Horizontal lines to create rows, then the Diamond pattern is added. This adds a beautiful dimension to the glass. Jeannette Glass was one of the successful producers of all types of glass. The Windsor Diamond pattern was made in 6 different colors. With Pink and Green being the most popular color they produced. Windsor Diamond Pink first came out in 1936, which was still during the Great Depression. Production ended on this pattern in 1946. The Great Depression was a World Wide Economic Depression from 1929 – 1939.

Condition: Excellent Vintage Condition. No Chips, cracks or nicks or repairs. Color is not faded. A few tiny bubbles, which are normal and usually occur during glass production. A slight roughness around the bottom rim , and on tip of the angular handles on the Cream Soup Bowl

Shipping Weight: 11 oz

Dimensions:¬†7 5/8″ X 4 7/8″ X 2″

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